It's all about Ang

September 19, 2006


This past weekend Jess and I went to the Outerbanks with a few Quarters people. Lots of yummy food, long naps, and even a dive into the ocean! Can't wait till next year.

September 09, 2006


Life in Norfolk is much different than Williamsburg. No Ukrops. No Target 5 seconds down the road. No Cheese Shoppe. No dumb card passes to get into the neighborhood. No grandmas slowing down traffic. Things are slowly but surely turning into home on Gates Ave. Although Dana and I have no couch and a ridiculously small tv sitting inside an enourmous entertainment center, when I walk up the stairs to our place I come home.



YIKES. Seventeen little super active kiddos have been assigned to my class. I'm tempted to skip school the rest of the year. (At least they are some of the cutest kids I have ever seen)!