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July 08, 2006


I must admit that after such a fun day, turning 26 wasn't so bad after all!
Here was the schedule of my day:
1. I was rudely awakened by Mitzi bright and early
2. I worked on my thesis
(I realize the day didn't get off to such a fabulous start)
3. I had a yummy breakfast at the Chicohomony house with 2 of my best friends from school
4. Stopped by the Humane Society to play with puppies and kittens
5. We looked all over town for a salon that did cheap pedicures. No success.
6. Visited Mel's for a bit
7. Party!

Yes, a suprise party! The plan was dinner at La Tolteca with Jess, the Seatons, and a good friend, so I was thoroughly shocked when I walked in to find 20 or so other friends that I had not expected! It was great fun. Wish you could have been there to celebrate!

PS. Jeff gave me a Yorkie. Well--a picture of one. And I can't wait to watch my new Pride and Prejudice!


Blogger SunshinyLiving said...

Happy B-day, Ang. Wish I could've been there )-:

3:59 PM  

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