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July 31, 2006

1st Grade Teacher

I've accepted a 1st grade teaching position at a charming little school in Norfolk. Oakwood Elementary has around 250 attending students, and although it is th 7th poorest school in Norfolk, the student performance level is among the top. I will have 17 students in my class...a perfect size...and I can't wait to get started!


After 14 months of sleepless nights, endless papers and projects, and thousands of hours sitting in front of my laptop, my Master's in Education program has finally come to a close! It's a bittersweet ending, because although I'm thrilled to be done, the friends who I have grown so close with over the past year are dispersing all around the country. Luckily we'll all be keeping in touch sharing our lesson plans!

July 15, 2006

Jessi's Fabulous B-Day

12 AM...Jessi's 23!!!

1 AM

2 AM

This past week has been pretty stressful, but thanks to my dear little sister, my THESIS IS DONE!!! Jessi spent the first 3 hours of her 23rd birthday editing and formatting my 50 page paper. Only a wonderful sister would do something like that. And Jessi's not the first sister to help me out. If it weren't for Mel, I would never have finished my teacher portfolio! Jess and Mel deserve their masters through osmosis. I'll add their names to my diploma.

My First Vera Bradley!!!

Thanks to dear Xie, I now have my very first Vera Bradley purse and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Xie!!!

July 08, 2006


I must admit that after such a fun day, turning 26 wasn't so bad after all!
Here was the schedule of my day:
1. I was rudely awakened by Mitzi bright and early
2. I worked on my thesis
(I realize the day didn't get off to such a fabulous start)
3. I had a yummy breakfast at the Chicohomony house with 2 of my best friends from school
4. Stopped by the Humane Society to play with puppies and kittens
5. We looked all over town for a salon that did cheap pedicures. No success.
6. Visited Mel's for a bit
7. Party!

Yes, a suprise party! The plan was dinner at La Tolteca with Jess, the Seatons, and a good friend, so I was thoroughly shocked when I walked in to find 20 or so other friends that I had not expected! It was great fun. Wish you could have been there to celebrate!

PS. Jeff gave me a Yorkie. Well--a picture of one. And I can't wait to watch my new Pride and Prejudice!

July 06, 2006

Birthday List

Well tomorrow is the big day...the day I officially reach my late 20's. 26 years old, practically 30. I hope you guys make this day more bearable by presenting my with lots of great gifts! Here are some ideas:
1) A Yorkie puppy
2) A new stereo system for my car (I have been my own radio since my car's radio stopped working last August)!
3) A gift certificate to to buy books for my classroom
4) Gift certificates to teacher stores
5) Vera Bradley purse (sherbert is my favorite design)
6) Pride and Prejudice (the new one)
7) Fun decorations for a new apartment!

July 04, 2006

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