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October 21, 2006

Michaela is 10!!!

Mickey turned 10 last Thursday! We had a yummy porkchop dinner and ended with cupcakes and presents. I am going to see if the movie I took uploads...

OH WELL. It didn't :*(

A glimpse into my life...

Here are a couple pictures of my new kids!
Aren't they precious???

October 16, 2006

New Beginnings

The other week I was called down to the principal's office. I figured it was to discuss a couple of my problem students. Our meetings were frequent and always the same. The girls' behaviors could be controlled--although they couldn't--and we would continue to work on fruitless strategies to see if any of the "new tricks" may work. None ever did, and I was prepared to quit. But the meeting was not about Rikysia or Destiny. I entered the office not realizing that my life would be taking an unexpected turn...right out of Oakwood Elementary and into another 1st grade class at Sherwood Forest down the street. Apparently, enrollment was not as high as expected, and they had to release of their teacher...which was me becuase I was the last hire. At first I was really upset. How could they uproot a new teacher when first years are as hard as they are? But, as it turns out it has been a blessing in disguise. I met my new class today and I love them so much. I can actually teach this class, whereas before, not a chance. Sure, I will be dealing with typical 1st grade behavior, but thats okay. I can deal with 1st grade behaviors. And I love my new room. I love the people I work with. And I know that the Lord knew what he was doing when he removed me from Oakwood. I think he knew that I wouldn't make it there! I'll post some pics of my new kiddos as soon as I take some. They are totally cute!

Norfolk...well, to be honest, it's not the greatest. It's lonely here, and I am just too busy to get out and meet people. I have been trying out some different churches and I joined a small group, but its hard to get connected when you have not time to invest. Hopefully it will get better.

I went running yesterday. I'm hoping to run a half marathon in February, although, its a lot sooner than it was when I first started thinking about the race. I should have started training a month ago!

Well I'm off to lesson planning, and maybe another brownie. Goodbye!

September 19, 2006


This past weekend Jess and I went to the Outerbanks with a few Quarters people. Lots of yummy food, long naps, and even a dive into the ocean! Can't wait till next year.

September 09, 2006


Life in Norfolk is much different than Williamsburg. No Ukrops. No Target 5 seconds down the road. No Cheese Shoppe. No dumb card passes to get into the neighborhood. No grandmas slowing down traffic. Things are slowly but surely turning into home on Gates Ave. Although Dana and I have no couch and a ridiculously small tv sitting inside an enourmous entertainment center, when I walk up the stairs to our place I come home.



YIKES. Seventeen little super active kiddos have been assigned to my class. I'm tempted to skip school the rest of the year. (At least they are some of the cutest kids I have ever seen)!

July 31, 2006

1st Grade Teacher

I've accepted a 1st grade teaching position at a charming little school in Norfolk. Oakwood Elementary has around 250 attending students, and although it is th 7th poorest school in Norfolk, the student performance level is among the top. I will have 17 students in my class...a perfect size...and I can't wait to get started!


After 14 months of sleepless nights, endless papers and projects, and thousands of hours sitting in front of my laptop, my Master's in Education program has finally come to a close! It's a bittersweet ending, because although I'm thrilled to be done, the friends who I have grown so close with over the past year are dispersing all around the country. Luckily we'll all be keeping in touch sharing our lesson plans!

July 15, 2006

Jessi's Fabulous B-Day

12 AM...Jessi's 23!!!

1 AM

2 AM

This past week has been pretty stressful, but thanks to my dear little sister, my THESIS IS DONE!!! Jessi spent the first 3 hours of her 23rd birthday editing and formatting my 50 page paper. Only a wonderful sister would do something like that. And Jessi's not the first sister to help me out. If it weren't for Mel, I would never have finished my teacher portfolio! Jess and Mel deserve their masters through osmosis. I'll add their names to my diploma.

My First Vera Bradley!!!

Thanks to dear Xie, I now have my very first Vera Bradley purse and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Xie!!!

July 08, 2006


I must admit that after such a fun day, turning 26 wasn't so bad after all!
Here was the schedule of my day:
1. I was rudely awakened by Mitzi bright and early
2. I worked on my thesis
(I realize the day didn't get off to such a fabulous start)
3. I had a yummy breakfast at the Chicohomony house with 2 of my best friends from school
4. Stopped by the Humane Society to play with puppies and kittens
5. We looked all over town for a salon that did cheap pedicures. No success.
6. Visited Mel's for a bit
7. Party!

Yes, a suprise party! The plan was dinner at La Tolteca with Jess, the Seatons, and a good friend, so I was thoroughly shocked when I walked in to find 20 or so other friends that I had not expected! It was great fun. Wish you could have been there to celebrate!

PS. Jeff gave me a Yorkie. Well--a picture of one. And I can't wait to watch my new Pride and Prejudice!